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Romans, Museums and Collections
  1. Dorchester County Museum
  2. North Leigh Roman Villa
  3. Early Humans
Archaeology Study

  1. Were Celtic identities constructed by archaeologists..?
  2. Examples of artefact biographies and a Chaine Opératoire
  3. Discussion of the arguments for and against the repatriation and or reburial of human-remains
  4. What are Oldowan 'favoured places' and what do they tell us about hominin behaviour..?
  5. Essay discussing Trigger's view that technology, settlement patterns, art, and architecture can be understood only in terms of the roles they played in supporting institutions, facilitating social interaction, and promoting the ideological objectives of various Ancient Egypt's post-unification polity and ideology
  6. Does the study of animal bones tell us what people ate in the past, or does it simply tell us what animals were on and around sites?
  7. Can the analysis of human skeletal remains tell us about social relations and identity in the past?
  8. Imperial Porphyry; its special qualities which influenced its form, function and use in antiquity
  9. Review of a metallographic investigation of Roman ferrous armour from Northern Britain
  10. What impact did the Frankish conquest and settlement have on the landscapes of Outremer?
  11. How have archaeological projects on Britain’s northern frontier contributed to our understanding of the role of vici in the Roman Western Provinces?
  12. Dublin, an Archaeological ‘Biography of Place’
  13. Archaeological Record of the Cistercians in Ireland, 1142-1541
  14. Have maritime archaeologists avoided investigations of the African slave trade?
  15. St Patrick's Anglican Church, Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland
  16. Archaeological investigation of Vallis Salutis, a Cistercian Abbey at Baltinglass, County Wicklow, Ireland
Aerial views of Standing buildings
  1. Burgage tower house, County Wicklow, Ireland
  2. Rathmore Motte and St. Colmcille's Church, County Kildare, Ireland
  3. Three Castles tower house, County Wicklow, Ireland

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