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Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV)
Amarna PrincessTutankhamun's burial jewellery
Brothers Khnum-Nakht & Nekht-Ankh
Stirling - Castle, town, Pyramid
Sir Ralph Abercromby
Aswan, dam and quarrying
Has Akhenaten's body been found..?
Pyramid in Liverpool
Deir el Medina, workers village
Deir el Medina, documents from village
Deir el Medina, temple of Hathor
Herishef, temple at Heracleopolis
Tomb of Meketre, western Thebes
Ancient Egypt Study Reports
Evolution of Funerary Architecture
Egyptian Religious Art
What is a temple..?
Akhenaten, the-Aten, and Atenism
Egypt’s relationships with Libya and the ‘Sea Peoples’ during the New Kingdom
Historical context of the Stelae excavated by William Bankes within the Northern Temple of Isis at Buhen

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This site is designed to share a passion for Ancient Egypt, archaeology and the Cistercian Order with other enthusiasts. Simon is always very interested to hear your comments and observations about this site - especially if there are parts that are difficult to use or are factually incorrect.

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"Hayter, S. 2022. Signet ring, Electrum found on Sai Island (Pharaonic Cemetery), New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, (accessed 01-Apr-2022)".

The images are a small sample of the tens of thousands available.  The digital images were taken with Nikon cameras and, in most cases, are considerably larger than those included on the web site (typically up to 40+ Mbytes). If you would like originals or are searching for a specific picture please send an email containing as much information as possible and including the URL of the page containing the image.

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