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Limestone false-door from the Giza tomb G4520 of Khufu-Ankh (may Khufu Live), dating to the 5th Dynasty. The door was carved form a single piece of limestone and the inscription was he was the chief of singers and flutists and was given by Khufu as a gift (which was common practice for the king's retainers).

Top palace retainer and singer Khufu-Ankh
Drum King's acquaintance Khufu-Ankh
Outer Left vertical while his majesty inspected it every day
Inner Left Vertical made in the presence of the king himself at the door to the thrown room
Inner Right Vertical his majesty made this for him so that he might be well provided before his majesty
Outer Right vertical while he was alive on his two feet the palace courtier Khufu-Ankh
Lower people's names
his son Menkaure-Ankh
his father the royal acquaintance and courtier Iau-Nisut
his mother the courtier Iupu
King's acquaintance Djefatek (wife)
funerary estate  functionary Iti
daughter Meretites
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Khufu-Ankh and Menkaure-Ankh

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Djefatek (wife)

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